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Get Customers Back Into Your Store and Reward Loyalty with Personalized Digital Offers

How Cozumo Connect Works


Plug in the Cozumo Connect Hub to Your POS Barcode Scanner

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Cozumo Connect Cloud Captures Purchase Data in Real-Time

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Create and Send Your Customers Personalized Digital Coupons

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Cozumo Case Study

Find out how a San Francisco toy store turned 40 lapsing customers into $3,000 in new sales by leveraging Cozumo Connect’s anaylsis, segmentation, and digital offer tools.

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Why Cozumo Connect?

Because Personalized Digital Offers are Much Easier Than You Think

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Easy Setup

The Cozumo Connect Hub and Cozumo Cloud can be setup and collect data in just minutes.

No App Required

Personalized offers are sent via email and SMS to your customers from a cloud-based platform.

Open API

Cozumo easily integrates with existing loyalty, mobile, and eCommerce applications.

Affordable to Deploy

You can implement the Cozumo customer loyalty and personalization platform for around $35 a month.

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“78% of customers are more likely to purchase from a retailer again if that retailer provides offers that are targeted to their interests, shopping habits and location.”

– Infosys, 2013

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